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SMI Brake / Air Force One

At you'll find great prices on braking systems by SMI and the expert advice to help decide what system is best for you. If you would rather not call and speak to one of our experts (we suggest you do…they are the best) read the following guide to help with your decision:

For RVs with Air Brakes- Choose the Air Force One

The Air Force One braking system is one of the most popular brakes on the market for good reason. It is the one SMI system that can provide perfectly proportional braking, that is something that is unmatched anywhere on the market. The one drawback is that this brake is only available to our customers that have air brakes on their coach, but if you do, this brake is is the best choice.

For RVs that do not have Air Brakes- Choose the SMI Duo

The SMI Stay-IN-Play Duo is a great choice if braking performance is important to you and you want to forget about the brake once it's installed. The Stay-IN-Play Duo is unique because it creates a vacuum on your braking system in your towed vehicle so the brakes operate as if the car is on. This means the brake can be applied with very little pressure and allowing the components of the SMI Duo to be much smaller than any other brakes on the market. Once installed you'll barely notice you have a supplemental brake inside your towed vehicle. The SMI Duo is a great all around and easy to use braking system.

For RVers that occasionally change tow vehicles- Choose the SMI Delta Force

The SMI Delta Force is a self- contained proportional braking system that is fast and easy to install. Like other self- contained systems, it is controlled by a series of accelerometers that instantaneously sense any braking in the coach and the Delta Force proportionately apply the brakes. Two of the primary benefits of this brake are the ease of installation and the portability of the Delta Force. We recommend this brake to consumers that periodically change their dinghy vehicle as it is very easy to move to your new car.
If you have any questions regarding SMI Braking Systems call our experts at (866) 305-8309 and we'll gladly help you find the information you need!
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 SMI Air Force One Brake system   SMI Braking  SMI Air Force One Brake system   $1,199.95
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 SMI Stay-IN-Play Duo Brake system   SMI Braking  SMI Stay-IN-Play Duo Brake system   $1,099.95
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 SMI Air Force One replacement air jumper   SMI Braking  SMI Air Force One replacement air jumper   $49.99
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 SMI Delta Force Brake System   SMI Braking  SMI Delta Force Brake System   $1,199.95
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 SMI Air Force One 2nd Vehicle Kit   SMI Braking  SMI Air Force One 2nd Vehicle Kit   $1,074.95
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 SMI Replacement SMI Duo Indicator Light Kit   SMI Braking  SMI Replacement SMI Duo Indicator Light Kit   $22.00
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 SMI Wireless CoachLink   SMI Braking  SMI Wireless CoachLink   $357.07
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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1