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SMI Delta Force Brake System

SMI Delta Force Brake System

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SMI Delta Force Portable Brake System

SMI Manufacturing has long been a leader for their supplemental braking systems.  Now SMI is breaking new ground with the SMI Delta Force Portable Braking System.  The Delta Force is unique in not only operating as a fully proportional inertia based system, you may also add a brake light signal from the coach.  


Opening up the Delta Force box reveals more about what makes this braking system so great.  The actuator has a ball and socket design which provides easy setup and storage is a breeze.  The flexible design also adapts to irregular floorboards!  Most importantly, the actuator is self adjusting and non-binding during activation.


The Delta Force uses a tether system to provide solid braking without having to mess with seat adjustments, rubbing of upholstery or installation of seat brackets.  This design keeps the entire burden of force on the actuator.  Installation of the tether is as simple as installing one self tapping screw and clipping a carabiner!


The Delta Force has a set it once pedal clamp which only requires one setup of the knob to your Dinghy brake pedal and you are set!  The clam engages and releases by pushing down or lifting the actuator.  


While you are driving your RV down the highway, you can monitor your car with the wireless CoachLink.  The CoachLink monitors the connectivity of your towed vehicle, braking effort and provides an alerts.  The CoachLink is specifically designed for RV towing, reducing EMI and is FCC compliant.


The SMI Delta Force also comes with a 5 year warranty!

Manufacturer: SMI Braking

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