SMI Air Force One Brake system

SMI Air Force One Brake system

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SMI Air Force One

Air Force One is the only air brake system that energizes the towed vehicle's power brakes through a patent-pending process that does not require an electronic vacuum pump. In fact, Air Force One has no moving parts to wear out at all. Air Force One is also the industry's first and only supplemental brake system that protects the coach with a patent-pending breakaway system that seals the coach's air supply in the event of a separation of the coach and the towed vehicle


Effective yet Invisible

Air Force One uses a small amount of air from the coach's air brake system to create the vacuum necessary to activate the power brakes of the towed and then applies the towed vehicle's brakes in a truly proportionate manner. As you apply the brakes in the coach, a proportionate amount of air is supplied to the Air Force One system to activate the towed vehicle's brakes. Because Air Force One uses the same air that brakes the coach, truly mirrored and proportionate braking is achieved in the towed vehicle. The Air Force One operating unit mounts under the hood of the towed vehicle, completely out of sight. The brake actuator is also very small and mounts on the brake arm of the towed vehicle. Once installed, the entire system is invisible and always ready for towing with no set up or take down.

Total Coach Protection

Total Coach Protection exclusively with Air Force One is a process that protects the air supply on the coach. To meet federal regulations (FMVSS 121) when using air brakes, the supplemental brake system must protect the towing vehicle air supply. SMI includes the components necessary to meet these important safety regulations. If the towed vehicle separates or the towing system fails, the coach air is protected. Air Force One is the safest air brake system available. No other air-operated system offers this level of safety and control.

Coach Notification

Coach Notification is a vital part of all supplemental braking systems. A signal from the towed vehicle's brake light switch is used to alert you in the coach that the towed vehicle's brakes are applied. Coach Notification, combined with power-assisted brakes, a small operating unit, and 100% proportionate braking combine to make Air Force One the best choice for all diesel motor homes with air brakes.


Fits ALL Towed Vehicles!

No need to ask if Air Force One is compatible with your towed vehicle. Air Force One fits all makes and models – from the largest F-350 to the Hummer H2 and H3 and all hybrids -- Air Force One fits them all. Each Air Force One system comes complete with everything necessary for the installation on every towed vehicle. When you purchase a new towed vehicle, the Air Force One system is simply transferred to the new car without purchasing any new parts. This convenience comes only from SMI and Air Force One

Builtin Brakeaway!

Air Force One features a patent-pending breakaway system that seals the coach's air supply in the event of a separation of the coach and the towed vehicle


Installation Instructions 


Manufacturer: SMI Braking

11 reviews

Bert Kennedy 05/04/2018

Love the unit however the factory should install a swivel 90 deg 1/4 push connector fitting at the bottom of the RV tank assembly as it would eliminate the low hanging loop which is caused when coming into the bottom.
Additionally the dust caps for the RV and Toad should be attached to the air assembly so they are handy when you disconnect vs. having to store them somewhere and the remember to put them back on.

Jay Hartley 12/28/2017

Haven't got it quite installed yet to try it out.
Thank you Jay Hartley

Stan Metcalf 05/12/2016

Received promptly. First time installation by experienced RV Mechanic took 8 hours to include de-installation of previous braking system. Installation instructions are good to excellent; left out one item about air venting from the exhaust port when the brakes are applied. Also included four stainless steel straps that are not discussed in the instructions. SMI Customer Service is highly professional. The 24/7 help desk responded immediately and courteously on a Saturday evening at 9:00PM; they explained the exhaust port venting and that the straps were there if the mechanic "needed them". The product worked properly the first time after installation and appears to function "as advertised". At this point we're totally satisfied

Peter Jensen 04/27/2016

I first installed the parts that went on my towed car first, The video on this web site helped me a great deal, This took me about 3 hours -
--The next day i installed the air tank unit in front of my rear differential but i was very skeptical on cutting the 2 air lines. I called SMI and as per their instructions i, e-mailed them a Photo of the 8 lines and the relays etc.
They sent back to me the Photo marked very clear as to what to cut and what line went to what input on the SMI tank.--This took me about 2 hours.

John Jackson 01/30/2016

I installed this on a 2016 Jeep Sahara and it was a piece of cake. Firewall metal too thin to securely hold the clamp for the cable so I installed a nut and bolt (wife had to hold the nut as my hand and arm would not fit in the area). Towing with a 2004 Damon Escaper with a Freightliner chassis and it works as advertised.

Mark Zettek 09/09/2015

Very well made product. Easy to install. The directions could be a little more detailed. Some parts in the kit had no reference as to what they were used for. Still don't know. It works great though. This is on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler

BARRY STAHL 06/30/2015

I had the system installed in mid of June and was on the road with it June 26th. The hook up was so fast that I thought I probably missed something, but didn't. The disconnecting was just as easy. The system worked like a champ on the road too
I use it on a 2003 DutchStar and tow a 2011F-150

Bill Angle 03/29/2015

If you are putting this on a newer Chevrolet ( I have a 2014 Malibu) you will need a pressure switch . The hard plastic vacum line to the brake booster can be a challenge.
Got it on will test it in a few days .
Happy with HitchSource service and price.

Hank Weultjes 03/28/2014

Awesome SMI brake system.Towed the jeep 3000 miles with no problems.Had a panic stop once and the brake system was flawless.Had it not worked as well as it did i know i would not have stopped in time. Good instalation instructions. Thanks

Brad Coburn 01/31/2013

Great video on installation, should answer most questions for anyone! The best part is that it works

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