Happijac QWIK-LOAD Lever Action Turnbuckle - 4 Pack

Happijac QWIK-LOAD Lever Action Turnbuckle - 4 Pack

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Load and unload your camper easier than ever before with the Qwik-Load lever-action turnbuckles from Happijac. These strong, lever-action turnbuckles provide quick installation. There is no need to remove the turnbuckle to make tension adjustments. Featuring a stainless steel barrel and a comfortable, removable handle.

  • 2 each from spring-loaded Qwik-Load Turnbuckles with 11" hooks.
  • 2 each rear stress-guard Qwik-Load turnbuckles with 24" hooks.
  • 4 each removable handles.
  • 4 each locking pins

Happijac old part number FM-QLTB

Manufacturer: Lippert

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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