Blue Ox Red LED Tail Light Wiring Kit

Blue Ox Red LED Tail Light Wiring Kit

Item # BX88267

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LED bulb & socket kits are brighter and smaller than traditional bulb & socket kits, allowing for ease of installation in compact taillight housings. These lights do not tap into the vehicle’s existing wiring & are operated by the towing vehicle.

Part Number - BX88267

 ** Can be used anywhere the BX8869 bulb and socket kit is used **


   2 - Bulb & Socket Assembly, RED LED

  1 - Wire Harness, 26 FT
  6 - Butt Connectors
  2 - Ring Term, Insulated
  1 - Wire, 16 Gauge, Brown, 8 FT
  1 - Wire, 16 Gauge, Green, 8 FT
  2 - Self Drilling Screws

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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