Softride Access Dura Hydraulically assisted Hitch Bike Rack, - 1.25" or 2"

Softride Access Dura Hydraulically assisted Hitch Bike Rack, - 1.25" or 2"

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The ultimate hitch mounted rack combined with Softride's newest innovation. The new Softride Dura Hydraulic Assist Rack offers Softride's patented fold down mechanism with new hydraulic arms assist in raising and lowering your loaded bike rack. This rack offers all the features of the classic Access Dura rack like a sleek aero designed base frame, improved rubber mounts and straps, anti sway cradles, locking hitch pins and integrated cable locks. 

Effortlessly, this rack lowers for easy access to the rear of your vehicle without unloading a single bicycle. The rack's unique design allows the bike arms to stay horizontal even when the rack is in the lowered position. Unlike other brands, the Softride Access Dura rack can be even be lowered when fully loaded with bikes.

The rack includes Softrides QuietRide hitch locking and tightening system to ensure that the rack does not vibrate or rattle. With the included hitch lock, your rack is securely attached to your vehicle. It also includes a retractable cable lock for securing your bikes to the rack. The padlock is not included.

The Softride Dura's anti-sway system perfectly complements the over-molded cradles of the rack arms giving your bike the smoothest, safest ride around. The Softride Access Dura is equipped with rubber straps to ensure your bike remains securely on your rack when you are navigating the roads. Standing at 36" tall, this rack will easily accommodate the clearance requirements of smaller cars and SUVs. The Access Dura's arms remove easily for storage or for convenience when the rack is not in use.

-- New model for May 2010
-- Includes retractable cable lock for securing your bikes to the rack. (a $30 value)
-- Hydraulically loaded release mechanism for engaging or releasing assistance.
-- Removable bike arms for convenience or storage.
-- Includes integrated reflectors for added safety.
-- Close arm spacing fits most bike frames
-- Designed for 1.25" and 2" receiver hitches
-- Includes QuietRide anti-rattle hitch lock
-- Price includes Free Shipping! to the lower 48 states.

Included anti-wobble hitch lock (a $35 value):

Lower your rack with your bikes attached:

Works great with pickups, cars, and SUVs!

Not sure which model works best for you? Check out our Softride Rack Frequently Asked Questions.

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Manufacturer: SoftRide

5 reviews

eric cross 06/12/2009

This is in reference to the 2" version:
Very Very solid rack so far. I've only used it a few times, but it easily outclasses my last, back windshield/trunk bike rack on my last car. Bike stability is wonderful with the side clip, and where my old rack couldn't hold my mountain bike because the arms were too spread apart, the arms here are close and allow the bike to easily fit on. I have a specialized hardrock...very very thick frame, and above the fork where the top and bottom frame bars meet it was always way too thick for my old straps to fit around. Not the case here though since both arms easily fit through the frame with plenty of room to give.
Needless to say my road bike easily fits on without issues, My biggest complaint... Read More

John Kaufman 04/23/2009

This is a high quality hitch bike rack. It looks cool on my 2008 silver Accord with spoiler. I will leave it on for the spring summer and fall. I keep the two easy to remove holders in the trunk.
After talking to Honda and hitch Mfg I took off the fourth bike cushions as my hitch can only carry 200 lb tongue wt. (Class Receiver Mount). This is proballbly a wise idea as the total weight I can carry with passengers is 1000 lbs. A SUV would have no issue with this.
I did have an issue with the adapter that came with my hitch.. This converts my 1 1/4" receiver to the 2" Softride Dura. You get when you order the 1 1/4" model. This adapter needs a redesign and does not work with the hitch without some filing adjustment.
The adapter... Read More

Cory Knight 09/18/2008

Easy to put together right out of the box. Easy to tilt forward with two bikes on the rack, (that's all that I have tried), to get into the hatch. Arms stick out fairly far from rear of car. Extra hole on arms allow you to convert to three bike holder. Would be nice if another hole was available for two bikes. A little on the heavy side loading it to hitch but otherwise just as advertised.

michael LeDuc 08/08/2008

The Softride Dura is the best bike rack out there. I got disgusted with Yakima and their cheap, thin metal garbage and the fact that you have to remove your bikes to get to your stuff in the back. Oh, but it has two bottle openers on it. I had an old Yakima rack that worked great but they went cheap and so I was going to design and market my own until I saw my brothers old Softride and checked out this new one. Do not buy any other rack; this one rocks.

David Goforth 08/08/2007

So far, I have loved the bike rack. It only had 1-key with lock, but otherwise perfect.

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