Scion xB Trailer Hitch, 04-06 - Class I

Scion xB Trailer Hitch, 04-06 - Class I

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Scion xB Trailer Hitch,  04-06 - Class I
Scion xB Trailer Hitch, 04-06 - Class I
T connector Wiring Harness
T connector Wiring Harness
Fits Following Vehicles:
2004-2006 Scion xB: All;3 wire system, converter included
1 7/8" Chrome Ball - 1 5/8" Shank
1 7/8" Chrome Ball - 1 5/8" Shank
2" Chrome Ball - 1 3/4" Shank
2" Chrome Ball - 1 3/4" Shank
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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing
Part Number: 11487
Rating: Class I
Receiver Size: 1.25"

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity:
Gross Trailer Weight: 2000 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 200 lbs.

This hitch is sold without a ball mount, pin, or clip. This configuration is ideal if you already have a ball mount, or if you intent to use the hitch for aftermarket accessories like bike racks or cargo carriers instead of for towing.

This trailer hitch is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2004-2006 Scion xB
Installation Time: 20 Minutes
Installation Notes:
--Fits Models: All
--No drilling required

Finally, there's a good hitch solution for the Scion xB! We've been getting tons of requests for this hitch and now that it's finally here, we can say that it rocks. CURT Manufacturing did another fine job in designing this hitch specifically for the Scion xB. The hitch tucks under the rear bumper so that, when the ball mount is removed, you can hardly tell that the hitch is there. The hitch has CURT Manufacturing's best in class, black mirror finish, powder coat paint job and is robotically welded for a clean, repeatable finish.

Now you have a solution for hauling a small boat, jet skis, hitch mounted bike racks, and cargo racks.

Installation Pictures:

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Curt Trailer Hitches Feature:
Curt trailer hitch features
  • WeatherTite construction prevents rusting from inside out by sealing the main body of the hitch.
  • Durable EverGloss Powder Coat Finish resists rust and corrosion.
  • Open back end on receiver for easy cleaning.
  • Precision robot welding for superior strength and fit.
  • Attractive, seamless, one-piece collar reduces rust and provides improved strength.
*All trailer hitches come with grade 5 mounting hardware included.

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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing

19 reviews

Richard Young 11/10/2010

WOW, ordered this yesterday and less than 24 hours the package is in my front door. Good shipping service A+++++
About the item itself, looks very solid and I'm sure it'll last FOREVER.
Thank you, now I can tow or bring my bike wherever I want.

Edward Stoff 01/06/2010

This hitch is great!
Install was exactly as described in the instructions.

Eddie Langer 09/12/2009

Fits like a glove on my Scion xB!
I have a Borla Exhaust and had no problem installing this Hitch. It is kind of low since it is hiding bellow the bumper but you can always get an hitch rise adapter to bring it up a few. No problem on the bumps, but I can imagine you would if the car was lowered.

Jonathan Epps 08/07/2009

Hitchsource prices were great and shipping was prompt. I was able to get this hitch from Hitchsource faster than local shops could get it from their suppliers, and for less money!
Like another reviewer, mine arrived slightly bent, but I was able to bend the side-piece straight again so that everything fit. Mine was only about 1/4 inch off from where it should be. If yours is more you probably want to get a new one rather than try to straighten it. I'm pretty sure UPS ships the boxes standing on their end, even though the boxes are clearly labeled "This side up". Curt could probably pack their hitches a little more carefully, but hey, at least they are being environmentally friendly by not using packing foam. Note that this is a... Read More

David Sisson 07/14/2009

Thanks to Hitch for this hitch. A good product. Here is my experience:
1) Hitch was a good price & came with all the parts I needed except the hitch ball.
2) Install instructions were clear
3) If you install over the muffler first, it's easy to get on (you can kinda twist and wiggle it over the muffler, rather than having to drop the muffler)
4) bolts on quickly to existing holes in the Scion XB
5) Looks good, is hidden under the bumper so you don't see it
6) Seems to be a quality product.
I haven't had the opportunity to really use it yet, but I'm sure it will work well.

Elizabeth Luther 07/10/2009

We bought the hitch to support a 4 bike-bike rack. We also had the hitch professionally installed, since we had no way of lifting the car up to install it ourselves. But the installers said it was no problem and pretty easy to install---the same as what the rest of the reviewers are saying. They just had to move some of the pipes over to get it in right, and it went in pretty good! We put a bike rack on from K-Mart, and we are very pleased. The only problem is it does hang sort of low, on such a low car, with the weight of the bikes. But with our first trip with the kids, suitcases, bikes and all, and first time out with the hitch and rack, we only had a few minor scrapes....and now that we got the hang of driving with it, we are very... Read More

Jon Ribacchi 05/23/2009

This was one of the easiest installs I have ever done. Between the hitch and the wiring harness it took about an hour. Everything fit perfectly and works great. The only part that can be seen after the install is the receiver portion and it does not hang down far at all. The fit and finish are all top notch. The ordering, customer service and shipping were all quick and easy. The price is great too.

A. Alhashim 05/22/2009

HitchSource is GREAT! I would defiantly buy from them again. I ordered the hitch for my xB, it arrived in a few days, I had someone try to install it for me and it did not fit right (could only get 2 of the four screws in.) It was damaged. I followed the instructions on the HitchSource website, contacting UPS to file a claim and then contacting HitchSource to explain. The following day UPS picked up the damaged hitch and delivered the new hitch at the same time. WOW what great customer service! The new hitch fit perfectly within 15-20 minutes. Another happy customer. (PS. I never wrote a review before, but I really feel they deserve the recognition.)

Johnathan Gower 04/25/2009

This hitch is great!
Installation is almost exactly as detailed in the one page instruction sheet.
It is not necessary to remove or lower the muffler.
You can turn and angle the hitch so that the end that goes over the muffler does so without any pressure on the muffler itself. It took me a couple of minutes to do it, but it can be done and without too much difficulty.
Also, do not tighten anything all the way down until everything is installed.
Finally, there is a bumper/facia strap not shown on the instructions.
The way this hitch installs, it will both push the bumper out and pull it back in just a bit . . . so the end result is equalled out.
In other words, don't worry to much if it seems to go on a little

Alfonso Torres 04/23/2009

I did not jack up the car and was still able to install the hitch. Word of advise, use safety glasses, because some dirt may fall onto your face, but other than that, it was pretty easy with some good tools.

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