Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit with Bulbs

Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit with Bulbs

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Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit

  • Self-contained wiring system that bypasses your towed car’s light wiring.
  • Adds a bulb to your vehicles taillight lens.
  • Eliminates the concern of voiding the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

            Note: the towed vehicle’s taillights must have room for an extra socket and bulb inside the lens housing.

      This Complete Kit Contains:

  • 30 ft of flat 4 wire.
  • 6 ft flat 4 extension connects Motorhome lights to the front of vehicle.
  • 3 ft split wire loom.
  • Cable ties and connectors
  • Step-by-step installation instructions

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

4 reviews

Jesse Snow 06/13/2014

This system works well and has the added benefit of not tapping into the toad's electrical system. The hardest part of the install was running the flat-4 wire thru the interior of the vehicle. My toad has a uni-body so all of the cables run inside the frame or cab, not giving you a safe path to follow. As for drilling the tail-light lenses I was lucky in that my CR-V had un-used rear fog light lenses (on the bottom of the assembly)available for use, so the install looks OEM.

Will Berninger 04/28/2011

The kit installed easy enough. I used the kit with the light bulbs you add and they installed in the Honda Fit fine. There was not any specific instructions in the kit for the Fit but it was easy to find online.

Randal Decker 09/15/2010

Hitch Source products are superior , everything you need is in the kit. I ran the wiring through the frame of my truck. Very clean looking.

Frank L. Lucas 06/05/2010

Hitch Source products are superior , everything you need is in the kit . Directions are easy to follow . I will use Hitch Source when I need towing accessories. Thanks Hitch Source.

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Installation Instructions

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