NSA Ready Brake Receiver

NSA Ready Brake Receiver

Item # RB-4000

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ReadyBrake™ Supplemental Brake Systems: Safe, Legal and Straight Forward Proportionate Braking



Each ReadyBrake system comes complete with:


  • One ReadyBrake 
  • One adjustable cable sling 
  • A towed vehicle internal cable sling w/conduit and conduit floor mount 
  • Brake tie brackets 
  • A conduit bracket  
  • Complete easy to read instructions
  • Now with FREE NEW DL-300 monitoring system that mounts in the dash of your motorhome.


The ReadyBrake™ is sold complete and ready to be installed.


Note: A breakaway kit is also available for the Ready Brake to ensure the brake is applied in the event of a separation.




Manufacturer: N.S.A.

1 review

Stephen Smith 11/29/2016

I installed the Ready Brake kit on my 2000 Jeep TJ with a off road bumper on front..
To put the cable from brake pedal to the center of bumper I had to weld a piece of 1/4"thick and X2"angel X 2"long
With the correct size hole in one part of angel...
I then welded that on top of the bottom tube in center.
If I had a winch on front I would drill hole in the fairlead

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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