NSA Ready Brake Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar

NSA Ready Brake Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar

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Integrated Ready Brake Mechanical Brake System


Ready Brake Braking System- Included with Tow Bar

An all aluminum, Self Locking Towbar made to last, easy to use and quick motorhome mounted storage. This unique towbar has complete integration of the Ready Brake system.  The towbar conveniently stows to your motorhome when not in use.  The lightweight all aluminum design only weighs 30 lbs while maintaining a hefty 8.000 lb towing capacity. With a durable powder coat finish and rubber boot arm covers, the Ready Brute will keep your towing smooth and looking good!  The non-binding clevis design has a full lifetime guarantee.

Compatible With Variety of Baseplates

The ReadyBrute towbar end clevis's are brand specific to your baseplate on your vehicle and are included. Be sure to order the right clevis for your Blue Ox baseplate, Roadmaster 1/2" tow bar bracket, Roadmaster 3/4" tow bar bracketDemco classic baseplate or Demco tabless baseplate


- Safety Cables included -

FREE- 1 pair Coiled Safety Cables, a $50 value!

FREE - NEW DL-300 monitoring system that mounts in the dash of your motorhome, a $35 value 
(PDF installation instructions)


***These items are made to order and can take up to two weeks to ship.  Please indicate your baseplate brand when placing order.***

**Does not include breakaway kit that may be required in some states/provinces.  Please see RS-5000 to go with this tow bar for break away solution.** 

Manufacturer: N.S.A.

4 reviews

Cliff Smith 02/28/2014

This tow bar works really well for me. I'm using it on a 30' Safari RV to pull a Honda Crv toad with a Blue Ox baseplate and have now used it 10 times.
The most difficult part of the install was finding the sweet spot for drilling a hole in the firewall behind the brake pedal for threading the cable. I lucked into finding a spot that wasn't blocked by hydraulic lines or other stuff in the engine bay.
Install testing tip: Since my RV is stored 1.5 hrs from home, I put the tow bar on my pickup truck to test out connections and ensure that my toad's brakes were engaging. We got some weird looks from the neighbors as I pulled my wife around the neighborhood but it worked for us. :-)
It honestly takes just a few moments to connect or... Read More

Randy Shore 05/09/2013

just over 1.5 hours to install brake cable,... 2010 Jeep Wrangler ..... went very smooth........pulled Jeep around with a van we had here ..... performed well.. will test on Coach in next few days

Bill Hass 06/25/2012

Very satisfied with the unit, brake cable and electrical connection were very easy to install.

Peter Kyle 10/08/2011

this is an exceptional piece of equipment it is well made and it looks good and works good pk

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