Blue Ox 7-wire to 6-wire Coiled Electrical Cable

Blue Ox 7-wire to 6-wire Coiled Electrical Cable

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7 Wire to 6 Wire Coiled Electrical Cables

  • Wire connections encased in silicone.
  • Plug connectors allow quick hooking and unhooking.
  • Locking connector and expanding cable virtually eliminate accidental disconnecting.
  • 7 pin for the coach and 6 pin in the front of the car.

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

5 reviews

JEFFERY HULL 05/16/2016

Simple to use. nice tight coils keep it off the ground. just as advertised!

Donald Beitler 04/01/2016

This is my 2nd purchase from HitchSource. Very satisfied with both. Easy to use web site and fast shipping. Thanks guys.

Mike Rodgers 10/11/2015

Highly rated although there were no guides to how the wires were to be attached to the vehicle connector. A simple 5 minute call to Hitch Source provide the information needed.

Robert Tarsi 07/19/2015

Very happy with was very helpful on what I needed and shipping was very quick.

Tony kralovic 02/26/2015

Hitch Source recommended this as the best type of wiring. My installed was happy to see this as he felt this type wiring was superior to cutting into the exiting wiring. I highly recommend.

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