Blue Ox Diode 7-6 Coiled Wiring Kit

Blue Ox Diode 7-6 Coiled Wiring Kit

Item # BX8848/BX88206

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Blue Ox all in one diode wiring kit with 7 to 6 coiled electrical cable allows you to use your tow vehicles turn signals, running lights, and brake lights while preventing electrical feedback from your RV.



  • Wires the towed vehicle to accept the Rv's tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals.
  • 7 Foot 7-6 coiled electrical cable complets the connection between the towed vehicle and the Rv
  • Prevents electrical feedback, that can damage the towed vehicle's wiring
  • Designed for motorhomes with 7-way connectors.
  • Eliminates the need for adapters

In the box

  • 4 sealed diodes
  • 26 foot of flat four coated trailer wire
  • 7 foot 7-6 coiled electrical cable
  • 6 way vehicle plug
  • Wire connectors

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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