Blue Ox Ultimate RV Towing Package - Avail Edition

Blue Ox Ultimate RV Towing Package - Avail Edition

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Blue Ox Ultimate RV Avail towing package  (Best)


Looking to flat tow your vehicle, but do not know what to purchase? We take the guess work out of it for you!  We have put the Blue OX Ultimate Avail package together for you for one click shopping to get everything you need to physically AND legally dinghy tow your vehicle. Get the brake, tow bar, base plate and towing accessory kit all in one big package.


Want to learn how to flat tow your car? Talk to our knowledgeable experts, we'll help you out!

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Blue Ox Avail Ultimate RV Towing Package features:


Blue Ox Base Plate

  • Vehicle specific base plate with detailed installation instructions for easy install
  • Baseplates are designed to provide a solid, durable connection between your towed vehicle and your coach.
  • Use our selector to find your baseplate

Towing Accessory Kit 

  • Universal wiring includes both a bulb and socket and diaode option.  Choose which system is best for you to get your towed vehicles's turn signals, tail lights and brake lights working when towing!
  • 7 pin to 6 pin coiled electrical cable with 6 way vehicle socket
  • Heavy duty vinyl-coated fabric tow bar cover keeps your tow bar clean and protected when stored 
  • 3 lock kit for locking the tow bar to the RV, and the tow bar to the towed vehicle 

Avail 10K Lbs Tow Bar

  • Easy fold away tow bar mounts and stores on the back of the RV
  • Quick disconnect 
  • None binding latches
  • 2 inches longer then previous models
  • 360 degree swivel
  • All new finish
  • Legs collapse and extend to lock for easy hook-up
  • Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces
  • Rubber boots to protect from road grime
  • Heavy duty 10K lb rated coiled Safety cables

Blue Ox BRK2016 Patriot ll Portable Brake System

  • Portable
  • Works on all vehicles, including hybrids
  • Upgradeable software
  • Built in super capacitor lifetime battery
  • All electric, no battery to charge
  • Electric actuator instead of air cylinder reduces drain on towed vehicle battery
  • Lightweight 13 lbs
  • Break-away included
  • In-coach controller with extended RF range included 
  • No Slamming of the brake, moves smoothly and proportionally


If ordering online, please include your baseplate number or the Make, Year and Model of your vehicle in the notes section of your order. Our towing experts will give you a call if we have any questions.  



Manufacturer: Blue Ox

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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