Andersen EZ Hitch - 8" Drop/Rise with 2" and 2-5/16" Balls

Andersen EZ Hitch - 8" Drop/Rise with 2" and 2-5/16" Balls

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Little brother to the Original Andersen Rapid Hitch, the Andersen EZ hitch offers the same versatility in a lower priced package. Offering extreme versatility, it provides the ability to level over a wide range of adjustment. The Anderson EZ hitch comes with a powder coated steel shank and adjustable aluminum dual ball mount.  

  • Made in the USA.
  • 8" Drop, 8" Rise.
  • Towing capacity: 8,000 lbs with 2" ball, 10,000 lbs with 2-5/16" ball. (1,500 Lbs Tongue Weight)
  • Powder coated steel shank and polished aluminum ball mount
  • Quickly adjust height: Pull pin, adjust, slip pin back into place - done!
  • Fits all standard 2" receivers. A sleeve is required for 2 1/2" receivers (not provided by Andersen Mfg.).
  • Meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications.
  • Need Locking Pins? See part # 3390 and 3328.

Manufacturer: Andersen Manufacturing

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Chad Dirkes 01/20/2015

Looks great and it's easy to flip balls or adjust for different trailers. Other hitches "like kind" look like they will bind up after using and make it difficult to adjust or flip requiring a hammer and punch. This is why I chose this product, THANKS.

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