RV Tow Bars


Tow bars are available in two basic styles: A-frame or self- aligning. Self-aligning tow bars are available in two styles: dinghy- mounted and coach-mounted. Coach-mounted units are the most desirable as there is less chance of damage when not in use and hitching is a simple, one-person operation. These tow bars can typically be folded up and locked to the vehicle when not in use. Hitchsource.com recommends a cover or bag (also available with each manufacturer) to keep the bar safe from nature’s elements. A-frame tow bars (offered as “solid” or “folding”) are designed to fit a limited number of baseplates (the mounting brackets affixed to the front of a dinghy – see below) or specific applications; however, the folding design will fit a wider range than the solid design. These types of tow bars are strong, but heavy and require storage space when not in use as they will not fold up behind the RV in the receiver. Hitching is easier with a helper to guide alignment.

Blue Ox Tow Bars

Roadmaster Tow Bars

Demco Tow Bars

NSA/Ready Brute Tow Bars

Tow Bar Adapters


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