Swagman XP 4-Bike Fold Down Hitch Bike Rack - 1.25" or 2" Free Shipping

Swagman XP 4-Bike Fold Down Hitch Bike Rack - 1.25" or 2" Free Shipping

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The Swagman XP bike rack provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate a variety of bike frame designs while still maintaining all the advantages of having a hitch-mounted bike rack. The Swagman XP bike rack has individually adjustable rotating cradles which rotate to allow your bikes to be carried with the wheels level to the ground, providing greater ground clearance. The cradles come standard with a locking knob for added security, have kraton vinyl cushioning which is grooved for cables and are soft and gummy providing a scratch free ride for your bikes.

The innovative rotating cradles on the Swagman XP series bike racks allow the racks to fit most frame designs without needing an alternate bike adapter. You simply rotate the cradle to match your frame angle, tighten the cradle, and you're ready to go.



Carries: Up to 4 Bikes
Fits: Fold-down 1 1/4" and 2" Hitch Receiver 
Max. Load: 35 lbs per Bike


  • Transports up to 4 bikes
  • Cradles rotate to keep wheels level to the ground to provide greater ground clearance
  • Locking knob included
  • Cradles accommodate up to a 2" diameter frame tube
  • Arm folds down to allow access to the rear of your vehicle


Instruction Sheet

Visit our Swagman Bike Racks page to view all of our Swagman bike rack models in one place.

Manufacturer: Swagman

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