Splice in Universal Trailer Wiring Harness

Splice in Universal Trailer Wiring Harness

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This powered converter adapts import and domestic vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (3-wire system) to standard trailer tail light wiring (2-wire system). The unit is powered directly from your battery, elminiating the current draw from your vehicle's stop/turn light circuit. This protects your vehicle's sensitive electronics, ensures that sufficient current is available to the trailer, keeps the trailer lights burning bright, and allows vehicle bulb-out detectors to function properly.

This 10 Amp unit is CURT's medium duty model. It is ideal for applications with somewhat higher current loads.

Calculating Your Current Requirements:
You can calculate your trailer's current requirements using the following approximations. Simply figure out how many of each light type you have and add up the total current draw to select which model you need.
-- Each stop/turn light pair: 2 Amps
-- Each tail light pair: 1 Amp
-- Each pair of clearance/market lights: 1/2Amp

-- 3 to 2 wire conversion

-- Ring terminal Lead wire and fuse hilder.

-- Input Connector: Splice-in

-- Output Connector: Splice-in

-- Power Connector: Spade Connector

-- Load Capacity: 10 Amps

-- ATC20 Fuse included

-- No HD flasher or converter required

-- Separate power circuit eliminates current draw from taillight circuit

Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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