Roadmaster 7-Wire to 4-Wire Straight Electric Cord Kit

Roadmaster 7-Wire to 4-Wire Straight Electric Cord Kit

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This straight cord wiring kit is designed for Roadmaster All Terrain tow bars. It provides the electrical connection between the motorhome and your vehicle.

This Roadmaster wiring kit includes:

  • 7-wire end has the connector attached.
  • 4-wire round end is attached after feeding thru channel in your all-terrain tow bar.

        *Vehicle lighting is required by law in most states.


  • Color coded 16-gauge wires
  • Silicone injected plugs to prevent corrosion
  • Oil, water, and chemical resistant wires
  • Vinyl coated sheath for easy cleaning
  • Kit comes complete with connectors

Note: The wiring shown in the picture above is of the 4-wire to 4-wire version. This model has a 7-wire connector on one end.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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