Portable Carryout MP1 Manual

Portable Carryout MP1 Manual

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Portable Carryout MP1 Manual


  • Carryout Manual Portable Twist On/Off Cap provides easy way to fill top portion with water or sand for increased stability.
  •  25´ Coax Cable allows optimal antenna placement and stores in base for easy stowing.
  •  Bubble Level for easy set-up and leveling.
  • Elevation markings & knobs assist in elevating and locking antenna at exact angle.
  • Compass ensures correct southern setting.
  • Durable Case protects dish and functions as mount.
  • Azimuth Lock Knob to prevent left to right movement.
  •  Supports 2 Receivers Compatible with TR-1518 Tripod Mount
  • Dimension of antenna: 16 inches W x 18.5 inches H x 10 inches D Weights 9 pounds
  • Receives standard DirecTV programming and all standard and HD programming for DISH Network and Bell TV.

Manufacturer: Winegard

This product fits the following vehicles:

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