Hollywood Boomer Bar - Alternate Bike Adapter

Hollywood Boomer Bar - Alternate Bike Adapter

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The Hollywood Racks Boomer Bar is an artificial top tube that allows ladies bikes and bikes with creative, non-standard frame designs, to be used on the Hollywood Boomer racks.

There are padded attachment loops at both ends; the larger one for the stem on the front of the bicycle and the smaller one for the seatpost at the rear.

How to use it:
1. Simply depress the brass push button located near each loop gate to open the loop and allow the stem or seatpost to be inserted.
2. Push the loop gates closed to lock the bike in place. You will hear a definite "click" when the gate closes.
3. Once the Boomer Bar is installed on the bike, the Bar may be placed on the Boomer (or similar) rack in place of a top tube.
4. Remember to make certain your bicycle's handlebar stem and seat post are installed correctly and tightened securely.
5. Also keep in mind that a security cable will now be needed to lock your bike securely on to the rack.

Manufacturer: Hollywood

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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