Happijac Universal Rear Anchor

Happijac Universal Rear Anchor

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  • The scientific design of Happijac Camper Anchor tiedowns gives maximum strength while eliminating leverage and stress forces on the truck.
  • Removable rear tiedown coupler rotates to direction of pull, eliminating undesirable torque.
  • Happijac Camper Anchor tiedowns won´t bend, twist or fall.
  • Chev/GMC 1973-2010 S-10, S-15, Canyon and Colorado
  • Ford 2010 and earlier Ranger Toyota 1989-2010 Toyota only with campers under 1500 lbs.
  • except Tundra Isuzu 1989-2010 Mazda 1994-2010 Nissan 1998-2010.
  • This kit includes 1 anchor bolt and 1 coupler.

Happijac Old part number CA-UR

Note: Camper Anchor tiedowns do not mount to the frame as do the Happijac Frame Mount tiedowns.

Camper Anchor tiedowns are not for use on full-size extended cab, crew cab, 4x4, diesel trucks or with campers over 2500 lbs.

These applications require the Happijac Frame mount tiedowns.

Manufacturer: Lippert

This product fits the following vehicles:

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