Happijac Stainless Turnbuckle Set

Happijac Stainless Turnbuckle Set

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Stainless Turnbuckles (Set of 4)

  • The time tested, industry standard, Happijac turnbuckles (FM-TB) are proven performers.
  • 2 each spring-loaded front turnbuckles FM-TBS  w/11" Threaded hooks (15"-22" reach)
  • 2 each stress-guard rear turnbuckles FM-TBR  w/24" threaded hooks (21"-33.5" reach)
  • Stainless steel components for superior corrosion protection.

            Happijac old part number FM-TB


For over thirty-five years Happijac has been producing high quality products for the RV industry.

Manufacturer: Lippert

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