Equalizer Sway Control Bracket - Complete

Equalizer Sway Control Bracket - Complete

Item # 95-01-5600

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Sway control bracket - Description

A complete Sway Bracket Kit for one side of the trailer Includes: 

  • (1) Inside Link Plate
  • (1) Outside Link Plate
  • (1) L-Bracket
  • (1) L-pin and clip
  • (1) Square Head Set Screw
  • (2) Grade 5 bolt and nut

*If you want to outfit a second trailer you will need two of this item.

** This is a new style bracket if you are replacing a damaged one you will need to order 2 of these. please look at the pic this bracket has 2 fewer holes.

Manufacturer: Progress Mfg

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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