Equalizer Sway Bracket Jacket (set of 2)

Equalizer Sway Bracket Jacket (set of 2)

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This Sway Bracket Jacket set (set of 2) installs onto the L-bracket of your Equalizer hitch to reduce wear and quiet the ride.

The NEW Sway Bracket Jacket was designed to quiet the ride and reduce wear on the L-brackets. Injection molded from high density polyethelene plastic (HDPE). Each package contains two (2) SBJ's, one for each L-bracket.

ATTENTION: Utilizing lubrication on the Equal-i-zer L-Bracket, in the form of the Sway Bracket Jacket or any grease type lubricant, will likely lessen or decrease your sway control by a small degree. Steel on steel is the highest level of friction, steel on lubricated steel second, and steel on plastic third (but also the cleanest). The hitch head can be lubricated, as per the instructions, with no detriment to sway control.

Manufacturer: Progress Mfg

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