Equalizer hitch - 14,000 lbs

Equalizer hitch - 14,000 lbs

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This version of the Equalizer does not include the hitch shank. The hitch shank is sold separately.

Equal-i-zer® offers a unique two-in-one design that combines weight distribution with sway control in one easy to use unit. The simple design has a built-in sway control to remove the risk of sway problems caused by passing vehicles, cross winds, and other towing hazards. Equal-i-zer® is safe, simple, and easy to use.

Towing a trailer doesn't need to be a tense and fearful experience. The right hitch makes all the difference. It can turn a good trailer into a great trailer...and a great experience.

equalizer anti sway

1. Sway Control Brackets:

Rigid trailer attachments work with friction sway control to combat trailer sway. Brackets are height adjustable to control the amount of weight distribution tension on the spring arms.

2. Spring Arms:

The spring arms serve two purposes. When raised onto the sway control brackets they transfer trailer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle. They also work with the friction sway control to reduce trailer sway.

3. Downward Pressure:

Downward pressure from trailer tongue increases friction sway control. Trailer hitch ball mounts here.

4. Upward Pressure:

Sway control brackets distribute weight by maintaining upward pressure on spring arms. The amount of pressure on the spring arms is a factor of trailer tongue weight and vehicle suspension. The friction sway control utilizes this pressure to control trailer sway.

5. Friction sway control:

Friction is enhanced by downward pressure from trailer tongue and upward pressure on spring arms. These opposing pressures come together to create an unequaled sway control system.

-- Maximum Tongue Weight 1,400 lbs.
-- Maximum Trailer Weight 14,000 lbs.
-- Spring Arm Size: 1 1/2" square x 36" long

-- Spring arms
-- Anti-Sway hitch head
-- Sway control trailer brackets
-- Mounting hardware kit

Installation Instructions

Weight distribution:
The Equal-i-zer helps distribute the weight of your trailer. Keeping your weight distributed puts more weight on your front wheels and improves your steering control and ride quality.

Sway Control Capabilities:
The integrated sway control keeps your trailer in line and helps eliminate the white knuckles associated with passing trucks and cross-winds. Unlike conventional sway controls, the Equal-i-zer allows you to back up your trailer as usual without disengaging the sway control.

Vehicle Compatibility:
The Equal-i-zer® works flawlessly with boat trailers, trailers with surge brakes, utility trailers, horse trailers, cargo haulers, pole (or single) tongue and many other trailer types. The standard trailer brackets can fit up to a 6" trailer frame. Also available are 8" and 10" brackets to accommodate newer lightweight aluminum or tall I-beam trailer frames. The unique design of the sway control brackets allow flexible placement on the trailer frame. This means that tongue jacks, propane tanks, and other obstacles are not a problem.



***Alaskan Orders on this product average additional shipping charges of $225-$375

Manufacturer: Progress Mfg

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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