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Camper Tie Downs are installed on the truck to create attachment points for securing your camper. Explore the attributes of frame- mounted tiedowns by Torklift or Happijac.

Torklift TRUE Frame- Mounted Tie Downs

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For many years Torklift has been the most popular choice for hitchsource.com customers and for good reason. Torklift tie downs can be trusted to securely hold your camper so you can travel with confidence. The Torklift system involves 3 parts, you'll need front tie downs, rear tie downs and a set of turnbuckles. Note that the front and back tie downs will be different part numbers. Torklift camper tie downs are designed to eliminate bed and bumper damage by securing your camper firmly to your truck. Our customers also enjoy that these tie downs are easy to install and will not lower your ground clearance. Torklift products also are protected by an industry leading manufacture warranty, it's clear they stand by their products. Finding the fit for your truck is easy, just use the tiedown selector or give us a call at 877- 464-4824 and we'll gladly help you find the right fit.

Torklift TALONS Tie Downs

If you are taking your camper off the beaten path, you will want to consider upgrading to the TALON tie downs. Made with a military grade aluminum alloy these tie downs were designed to endure the anything you throw at them.

Torklift Turnbuckles

When looking for turnbuckles look no further than Torklift. Although the company has a few turnbuckle offerings such as the basic "springload" model, our customers rave about the Torklift Fastguns. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel the Fast Gun is one of the strongest and easy to use turnbuckles on the market.

HappiJac Tie Downs

HappiJac "frame mounted" tiedowns boast an innovative design that uses the strength of your trucks frame to support the weight your camper. The Happijac and your truck frame create an I-beam truss that prevents camper movement in all directions. When ordering the Happijac kit, be sure to remember to also order the stabilizing bar and turnbuckles, as all 3 parts are needed.

Need help? Give us a call at (866) 305-8309 and we will help you find the right fit for you.

Torklift Tie Downs

Torklift Turnbuckles

Happijac Tie Downs

Happijac Turnbuckles


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