Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack for 1 Tadpole Trike

Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack for 1 Tadpole Trike

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This rack is designed to carry a tadpole trike. Comes with an interconnect for 2.00" Class II+, III, and IV receivers.

Draftmaster - the best way to carry a trike (or two)

Unique design minimizes lifting and effort.

No side overhang with most trike/vehicle combinations.

Trike positions can be reconfigured quickly and easily to carry two-wheelers.

Mix & match cycle styles. Carry uprights, recumbents, singles, tandems and trikes on the same Draftmaster.

Carry Tadpole trikes: (STTxx kits)

Exclusive design fits virtually all tadpoles in production. Greenspeed, Catrike, WizWheelz, ICE, etc.

Five-point support secures your trike in place. Adjustable to fit your trike perfectly.

No special cradles or clamps needed.

Carry Delta trikes: (SDTxx kits)

FIts virtually all recumbent delta trikes in production.

Upright "adult" delta trikes.

Front fork and rear wheels mounting system for simple, secure loading.

Standard with all Draftmasters:

Walk-up access to your tailgate - without removing trikes. Get at your stuff easily.

Rack swings back & down for easy loading. No high lifting required.

Trikes are always fully accessible. Get to any cycle at any time.

Trikes ride "in the draft" for better gas mileage.

Simple assembly and easy operation.

Quick-connect modules make rack easy to remove and store.

Modules* are interchangable to accomodate changing needs.

Available for 2.00" and 1.25" receivers*

Backed by a two year warranty.

Modular System

The new modular cross-arm design allows for easy and quick installation, removal, and storage.

Rear Access

This rack allows access to the rear of the vehicle with a convenient, user-friendly foot pedal release that pivots the rack away from the vehicle.

Fork Mount/Wheel Tray Mounting System

This rack combines the best elements of a hitch mounted rack with the best elements of a roof mounted rack. The bikes mount rigidly in individual positions, away from each other and the vehicle. The rack doesn't even touch your bike's paint job, unlike most other hitch mounted racks.

Default selection is the 1 Tadpole Trike bike (HR-1tTrike) Please choose how many bikes you want to carry.



Manufacturer: Atoc

This product fits the following vehicles:

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