Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack - 3 Bikes

Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack - 3 Bikes

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This rack is designed to carry 3 standard bicycles or SWB recumbents. Comes with an interconnect for 2.00" Class II+, III, and IV receivers.

Options for your Draftmaster:

Front Wheel Carrier holds up to four wheels. Hides away when not in use.

Topper Lok security skewer with long-throw cam. Lock your bike to the rack.

Security Hitch Bolt. Lock your Draftmaster to your car.

Standard with all Draftmasters:

Walk-up access to your tailgate - without removing bikes. Get at your stuff easily.

Carrier swings back & down for easy loading. No high lifting required.

Bikes are always fully accessible. Get to any bike at any time.

Bikes ride "in the draft" for better gas mileage.

Simple assembly and easy operation.

Easy to remove and store with our quick-connect design.

Modules* are interchangable to accomodate changing needs.

Available for 2.00" and 1.25" receivers*

Backed by a two year warranty.


Manufacturer: Atoc

This product fits the following vehicles:

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