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How To Choose The Right 5th Wheel Hitch

With all of the different 5th wheel hitches on the market it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which is right for you.  The correct decision will be based on 3 things:  hitch design, brand, and cost. Here are the main design features that distinguish one 5th Wheel Hitch from another.

Hitch Capacity:

This is the most important feature when considering a hitch. You need to know how much your loaded 5th wheel trailer weighs in order to get you looking at the right selection of hitches.

5th Wheel Hitch Mounting Style:

All 5th wheel hitches use some type of rail system.  Some will mount under the bed of the box and others will mount rails directly to the bed.  Depending on the truck you are using some hitches can be application sensitive using custom brackets to the make the installation cleaner.  The most common mounting style is the universal style.

Single Pivot vs. Double Pivot on 5th Wheel Hitches:

The 5th wheel head takes much of the impact of bumps & road vibration when you're driving your 5th wheel trailer. To absorb the impact of this movement all 5th wheel hitches have a degree movement.  All will allow pivot from front to rear and some will also have side-to-side movement capabilities.

Crossbed and Sliders on 5th Wheel Hitches:

There are two different rail configurations depending on the size of your pickup truck bed to reduce the possibility of damaging your truck cab or box. A slider is a rail designed for short bed trucks (beds 6.5ft or shorter).  When you are towing you will want your kingpin slightly in front of your rear axle closer to your cab.  A Slider will allow the hitch to slide back from its mounting position when the trailer is turning.  This will provide enough clearance between itself and the back window of the pickup truck cab.

Top 5th Wheel Hitch Brands:

Trying to decide which brand is the best for you can be just as challenging.  All of the brands we carry at Hitchsource offer a variety of 5th wheel hitches for every weight class and with sliding capabilities.  To compare brands by price, click on the logos below for each manufacturer's page on Hitchsource.com.

Curt 5th Wheel Hitch

PullRite 5th Wheel Hitch

B&W 5th Wheel Hitch

Demco King Pins/Couplers


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