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Ultimate MX Hauler, hitch mount motorcycle carrier
[ MX104-BLK ]

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5.0 Star Rating: Recommended  (1 customer review)

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Optional Gas Can Holder sold separately 

The Ultimate MX Hauler is an innovative hitch mounted motorcycle carrier . The hitch mount means no more truck ramps, borrowing your friends truck, or towing a trailer when all you want is to go for a ride. The MX hauler lowers for easy loading of the motorcycle. With a few pumps on the lift, the bike is raised off the ground and ready to tow.

1.) Powder coated jacking tube (18" for added leverage) with integral carrier.
2.) Superior powder coat finish.
3.) Tie down hook for handle bars.
4.) polyurethane Slide rails
5.) Foot peg shaft retainers offer a solid hold.
6.) Large threaded wing nuts
7.) dual diagonal bracing
8.) adjustable locking holes.
9.) Laser cut arms and deck
10.) receiver tube 2" X 2" made of 1/4" steel.
11.) Hitch stabilizing pin.

When you're not hauling your bike, the Ultimate MX Hauler doubles as a dirt bike or motorcycle workstand. Your bike is securely held in place by mounting brackets that rigidly hold the foot pegs or the frame.

For people who don't like smelling gas fumes on the way to their favorite spot, you might also consider the optional gas can attachment below.

Installation Instructions

Manufacturer: Ultimate MX Hauler
Part Number: MX104-BLK
Current Reviews: 1

Customer Reviews

Martin Jaskowiak - 04/02/2011        Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
So far, I'm very pleased with this product. It took about a week to get delivered and about an hour for assembly. I'm using it on a Tacoma pickup and my bike weighs 230 lbs. Very heavy-duty construction. The bike bolts securely to the platform and when it's jacked up, it sits up plenty high enough to not worry about it scraping. There's a lot of pressure on my hitch, but I haven't had any problems. I've had to brake quickly, swerve to avoid a deer, and driven with it loaded-up through a rough field and everything is kept tightly in place. It obscures my license plate, but I've passed several cops and haven't been pulled over. It's a bit pricey, but I prefer this to the ramp-type haulers that require tie-straps.
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