Toyota Sienna Trailer Hitch, 98-03 - Class III

Toyota Sienna Trailer Hitch, 98-03 - Class III

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Toyota Sienna Trailer Hitch,  98-03 - Class III
Toyota Sienna Trailer Hitch, 98-03 - Class III
T connector Wiring Harness
T connector Wiring Harness
Fits Following Vehicles:
1998-2003 Toyota Sienna: All;3 wire system, converter included
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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing
Part Number: 13511
Rating: Class III
Receiver Size: 2"

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity:
Gross Trailer Weight: 3500 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 350 lbs.

Maximum Weight Distribution Capacity
(Additional Weight Distribution Hitch System Required):
Gross Trailer Weight: 4000 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 400 lbs.

This trailer hitch is designed to fit the following vehicles:

1998-2003 Toyota Sienna
Installation Time: 30 Minutes
Installation Notes:
--Fits Models: All
--No drilling required

Installation Instructions
trailer hitch installation instructions

Curt Trailer Hitches Feature:
Curt trailer hitch features
  • WeatherTite construction prevents rusting from inside out by sealing the main body of the hitch.
  • Durable EverGloss Powder Coat Finish resists rust and corrosion.
  • Open back end on receiver for easy cleaning.
  • Precision robot welding for superior strength and fit.
  • Attractive, seamless, one-piece collar reduces rust and provides improved strength.
*All trailer hitches come with grade 5 mounting hardware included.

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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing

14 reviews

Amos Roe 06/13/2013

Bought the Curt hitch for a 1998 Sienna and it was a simple bolt on process
with no need to either remove the spare tire or lower the exhaust. I just stretched the rubber supports on the exhaust down enough - maybe 1/2"- to work the hitch over it. Based on some other comments I was concerned about
adequate road clearance, but the hitch actually sits higher than the spare tire from the road. It has a heavy duty finish and I'm not sure how you could improve on the product.
Regarding hitchsource, they were very helpful with honest advice (including that I should purchase an item I wasn't sure about locally in order to get the right size) and the shipping speed could NOT have been faster. I picked them out due to the fact that they have... Read More

Howard Foster 12/13/2011

FANTASTIC HITCH. Perfectly made for my 2001 Sienna. Working alone, it took me less than 20 minutes to install it, including finding my tools and putting them away afterwards. I didn't have to remove the spare tire or do anything to the exhaust pipe. I simply jockeyed the right end of the cross bar over the top of the exhaust and then raised it into place with a floor jack. A word of advice...before beginning, remove all wrappings, including the tape around the hitch receiver. After installing the new hitch with my old bolts, I found new bolts and washers under the tape.

Howard Foster 12/01/2011

Easiest aftermarket installation I have ever done. Fit perfectly. Do unwrap everything before starting. I didn't know it came with new bolts and washers until I already had it installed with the old ones.

Brad Williams 05/25/2011

This hitch was great for the price. It was made of heavy metal and was easy to install. The only problem I had was getting between the tail pipe and the bumper, but was able to force it between them and then it went right on.

Allan Pinvidic 07/18/2010

Product was exactly as advertised and easy enough to install by myself. Well built and I would definitely recommend. They also have a Canadian warehouse, so no cross-border issues.

Rafael Sanchez 04/21/2010

Solidly built, installation was straightforward. Had to jockey the hitch back and forth a bit to get all four bolts to start.

Allan Pinvidic 04/20/2010

Installed on my Sienna by myself in probably 15 minutes, inc. 4 bolts - that's it. Fit like a glove.

Gregory Morse 04/13/2010

Easy installation. You could do it by yourself, but it is much easier with two people (so #2 can help hold the hitch up while you attached the bolts). The instructions call for using a torque wrench on the installation. I don't own a torque wrench, and I don't know anyone who does, so I just fastened the bolts securely.
Highly recommended.

gary saxton 09/05/2009

Installed on my Sienna by myself in probably 15 minutes, including removal of tow hooks on vehicle prior to installation. Perfect fit. No need to lower exhaust or anything.

Alfredo Gomez 07/07/2009

The hitch fits like a glove on my Toyota Sienna! Great product! Very happy with the item!!!

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This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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