Toklift Stable Load A7311 - Lower Overload

Toklift Stable Load A7311 - Lower Overload

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For all car-truck-van-SUV-RV

The StableLoad dramatically improves the vehicles handling characteristics by reactivating the stabilizing effect designed into the rear springs by keeping them actively under load the way your vehicles factory engineers designed them to operate. All StableLoads are designed to dramatically improve the handling characteristics of your loaded vehicle by pre-loading the factory overload spring. The Quick Disconnect StableLoad Series (patent pending) incorporates a unique design that allows the StableLoad to quickly engage or disengage your overloads, enabling your vehicle to return to the soft stock ride in just seconds. This is accomplished by bolting each of the four StableLoads onto each overload end (two per passenger side, two per driver side). The Quick Disconnect StableLoad Series is designed with a tapered wedge mounted to a hinge mechanism that allows the StableLoad to be hinged in or out of position using a common 3/8" ratchet extension and ratchet.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dramatically Improves Handling and Sway Reduction
  • Lower Air Spring pressure
  • Angled design to maximize spring contact surface
  • Anti-rotation Key Tabs

The Torklift StableLoad A7311 is designed to fit the following:

 Ford Dodge Cheverolet/GMC
Year Model Year Model Year Model
A7310 (Lower Overload) 2010-2017 F150 2015-2016 3500 - Crew Cab, Double Cab - Single Rear Wheel - 6.5' Bed Length 2000-2013 2500 - Suburban / Yukon XL
2010-2016 F250 / F350 / F450 2015-2016 3500 - Crew Cab, Double Cab - Single Rear Wheel - 8' Bed Length 1988-2014 1500
2011-2016 F250 / F350 - Super Duty With Factory Bed - 6.75' Bed Length 2017 3500 - Crew Cab, Mega Cab Dual Rear Wheel 2015-2016 1500
2012-2013 E250 / E350 Van 2017 3500 - Mega Cab Single Rear Wheel 2017 1500 Crew Cab, Double Cab
1999-2005 EXCURSION 1988-2017 2500
1988-2010 3500
2011-2014 3500
2016-2017 3500
All Express / Savana 2500 / 3500
2016 Colorado - Crew Cab - 6.5' Bed Length

Manufacturer: Torklift

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This product fits the following vehicles:

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