Swagman 4 Bike RV Bumper Mount Bike Rack

Swagman 4 Bike RV Bumper Mount Bike Rack

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Our Swagman 4 Bike RV Bumper Mount Bike Rack is one of the most flexible hitch bike racks on the market today. Because of its innovative design, it can easily accommodate children's bikes, adult bikes, downhill bikes, cruiser bikes, full suspension bikes, BMX bikes, "Y" frame designs and much more, without the hassle of removing wheels. The RV Bumper Mount Rack easily adjusts to different bike frame sizes with the simple movement of the wheel hoops. The Swagman RV bike rack's frame grip arms have a soft-frame friendly coating to protect your bike's finish.


Carries: Up to 4 Bikes
Fits: 4" to 4.5" Continuous Welded Steel Bumper
Max. Load: 30 lbs per Bike



  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Built for 4-4.5" continuous welded steel bumpers
  • Weight Capacity 35lbs per bike
  • Simple and easy to attach and use.






Installation Instructions

Visit our Swagman Bike Racks page to view all of our Swagman bike rack models in one place.

Manufacturer: Swagman

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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