Roadmaster Towed Vehicle Charge Line Kit

Roadmaster Towed Vehicle Charge Line Kit

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Roadmaster's Simple solution for towed vehicle battery drain. Easy install to help maintain the vehicles battery, while in tow. Supplying 15 amps of current. 


Complete the charge line setup with the Roadmaster Motorhome Charge Line Kit



  • Maintains towed vehicle's battery without overcharging 
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge wire
  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • Supply's 15 amps of Current.

In the Box

  • Red 7 foot power wire
  • 7 foot split loom
  • Cables ties
  • 3 ring terminals 
  • Thermal circuit breaker


Installation Instructions.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

2 reviews

Ed Williams 03/31/2018

I have found an installer and hope to have the job completed within the next few weeks; no more discharged battery after a tiring day driving. Query me again later for a review. I'm sure it will be a good one. This rating is premature but has to be included in order to complete this form.

Michael R Jones 10/30/2016

Works fine but the diagram of the plug connections is misleading in my case, A Thor coach on a Ford E350 chassis. The #5 pin is the "batt chg" line and the #2 pin is ground.

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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