Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit With LED Bulbs

Roadmaster Taillight Wiring Kit With LED Bulbs

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Roadmasters LED bulb and socket wiring kit is made to to bypass the towed vehicle's electrical system, which eliminates the concern of interacting with any vehicle electronics. LEDs do not generate significant heat, so there's no danger of damge to the taillight houseing or lens. The LED prives a brighter ilumination to the vehicles rear tailight housing . 


Note: the towed vehicle’s taillights must have room for an extra socket and bulb inside the lens housing.



  • 27 ft of flat 4 wire
  • 450 Lumens per bulb 
  • Bulb color Red
  • Split wire loom
  • Cable ties and connectors
  • One year warrenty

In the Box

  • Cable ties and connectors
  • Split wire loom
  • Leds Bulbs
  • Wiring sockets 
  • Splice Connectors

Installation Instructions

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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