Roadmaster QD Crossbar w/ Car Side Plates

Roadmaster QD Crossbar w/ Car Side Plates

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Roadmaster QD Crossbar w/ Car Side Plates

  • When you sell your car with the quick disconnect base, cross bar, and safety plates on it.
  • This kit includes everything to get your tow bar working with your new vehicle and roadmaster brackets.
  • You get the cross bar and a set of car side quick disconnect plates.
  • Instructions.
  • Kit Includes All Hardware Required.
  1. Carside Quick Disconnect Plates.
  2. Crossbar with Quick Disconnect Plates.
  3. Lynch Pins.
  4. Base Pins.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

2 reviews

Leszek Korcala 04/25/2012

Awesome company , matched the price of E trailer, next day I had first part by the door and day after second part & we were on the roda by 3rd day! how coll that is!
You guys rock ! E Trailer ( my gain your lost ! ) they wanted charged me aditional shipping next day from two diferent places ( who wants tkae chances to get parts on tiem ! )
Will deal in the future for sure!
Les & Cheryl Korcala
Newell 45' 2001 Coach # 582 two slides

Randal Decker 09/15/2010

Easy to install and remove. Everything aligned perfectly. Great product.

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