Roadmaster Invisibrake Braking System

Roadmaster Invisibrake Braking System

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Roadmaster Invisibrake 

Get your supplemental brake system out of the way once and leave it there for good. After it is installed, you see no part of it. It can be installed anywhere in the vehicle. The trunk, under the seat, under the back seat, pretty much anwhere there is room the 7 1/2 X 8 X 3 unit will fit.

Just about any orientation is acceptable as well.  Install it and forget about it.

The invisibrake operates on the same wiring from the motorhome as the tail lights and turn signals.  When you hit the brakes in the motorhome the invisibrake is activated.

Using the vehicles existing wiring harness the invisibrake connects directly to the towed vehicles battery constantly charging it during towing.  This unit eliminates the competition.  


  • One time set up.
  • Virtually undetectable once installed.
  • Adjustable braking presure.
  • Constant battery chargeing.
  • In coach monitor.


No fuss and no set up.  The invisibrake is the most innovative brake system for towing your vehicle.  And you can trust that with a name like Roadmaster top quality construction and design are included.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

3 reviews

John Sigmund 03/02/2014

Great customer service, fast shipping and very knowledgeable people. Roadmaster Invisibrake is working perfectly on our first trip south. will be my first call for future towing needs. Thanks !!

Anthony Brucato 12/18/2012

I installed this myself in my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was a little intimidating looking at all the components that have to be hidden in the Jeep, but I followed the instructions and everything worked out perfectly.
Towing my Jeep with the Invisibrake is a real pleasure.
I would highly recommend this braking system.

Myron Truex 03/07/2012

The installation was very easy and I like being able to change the setting and actually have a guage to look at. I installed this on a 2012 Ford Edge Limited FWD with the 3.5L engine. When you run with your running lights on it sends approximately 2 amps to the battery for charging. That is a really neat feature. Wiring is very easy. It is impossible to tell I even have this. I mounted the box next to the spare tire by doing some trimming of the plastic box that is used for storage on the left of the tire. Plenty of room left for storage and I can see the guage easily. When you apply MH braking the Invisi Brake turns the brake on instantly and holds for 15 seconds and releases. If you simply take your foot off the brake and touch it again... Read More

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