Roadmaster HY-Power Diode 3-Pack

Roadmaster HY-Power Diode 3-Pack

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Diodes are used to tie into the towed vehicles's brake light, running light and turn signal wiring, and connect it to the motorhome. Diodes permit electrical current to flow in only one direction — from the motorhome to the car — preventing electrical feedback and the damage it can cause to the towed vehicle's dashboard electronics.

If you’re using a diode, why not use the best? ROADMASTER's 'Hy-Power' diodes have a heavy-duty, anodized aluminum heat sink, and each diode is protected against the elements — all components are housed inside an epoxy-sealed, anodized aluminum case. Each diode is individually assembled and rigorously tested at Roadmaster's headquarters in Portland, OR prior to shipment, ensuring American built quality and long lasting performance.

This three-pack includes detailed wiring instructions.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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