Roadmaster Guardian Rock Shield

Roadmaster Guardian Rock Shield

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Protect your towed vehicle against rock chips


The Roadmaster Guardian rock shield is crafted from rotationally molded, high impact Polyethylene to absorb the impact of rocks, gravel, and road debris, instead of ricocheting it back to the motorhome. The Guardian rock shield can be attached and removed in seconds, and fits all Roadmaster tow bars equipped with Quick-disconnects. Can also be used with a tow dolly to help protect your towed vehicle by using Guardian bracket part number RM_2000-8.


Roadmaster also offers a second vehicle kit with all the necessary hardware to to swap the Guardian from one vehicle to another.



If you want the Ultimate in protection, purchase the Alaska Pack



  • High impact Polyethylene
  • Attach and remove in seconds 
  • Protects your vehicle from dings and dents
  • Easily adaptable on multiple vehicles and dollys
  • Works with all Roadmaster tow bars equipped with quick disconnects
  • Made in the USA


In the Box:

  • Polyethylene rock shield 
  • All brackets and hardware
  • Detailed instructions


Installation instructions



Note: MX, MS and EZ5 brackets will not accommodate the Guardian rock Shield.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

4 reviews

Robert G Marshall 07/26/2017

I have not done a trip with the new Guardian Rock Shield yet but I can see that on my Grand Cherokee it could be a little taller to protect the hood.
We will be doing a Yukon trip in August so that will be the test.
When assembling the rock shield to the base plate assembly I left one bold loose on each side while I got the alignment correct. Once satisfied I applied thread locker on all of the bolts and torqued them. I did have two come loose years ago and could have lost my toad and had a lot of damage. I also used bright red nail polish to put a line across the nut, washer and plate to easily see if there was any movement. This should be checked regularly.

Peter J Sarno Jr 05/20/2011

We are using the Guardian on a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This is my review:
Pros: The Guardian Rock Shield is well made and very stout. Installation is simple with hand tools and instructions are straight forward. The Guardian will definitely do the job intended and will do the job for 98% of towed vehicles.
Cons: The installed hight was just level with the front of the hood which was probably ok. We wanted it 2" higher at the front of the hood to deflect debris from oncoming traffic. Fix was simple, obtained two longer 3/4" square tubing uprights from the ACE Hardware Store and replace the uprights that came with the Guardian. The only issue that we see is for extra wide vehicles (the 2%) such as a Hummer it would need to be a... Read More

John Haehn 08/25/2009

I didn't want to spend this kind of money, but it seems rather silly when you consider I'm towing a $35,000 car. The installation was very simple and is a neat looking item when stored on the motorhome.
Thanks Hitchsource!

Robert Richard 10/21/2008

Many Thanks Joe

This product fits the following vehicles:

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Installation Instructions

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