Roadmaster EZ-Hook Anchor Plates

Roadmaster EZ-Hook Anchor Plates

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   Roadmaster EZ-Hook Anchor Plates

  • These EZ-Hook anchor plates provide an attachment point for Roadmaster EZ-Hook Safety Cables.
  • These plates attach to the quick-disconnect bracket on your vehicle brackets.
  • The anchor plates provide an hole and slot where the cable ball can be easily and securely attached.
  • The safety cables (shown grayed out in the product image) are sold separately.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

1 review

Karen Slocum 08/22/2009

After being told by VW mechanic that my BUG is not towable, we purchased the parts needed from the HITCHSOURCE. EZ-HOOK, EZ-Twistlock are so simple to install and use. It tows behind our RV perfectly. Any future towing needs will be bought at the HITCHSOURCE.COM!

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