Roadmaster Even Brake towed vehicle portable braking system

Roadmaster Even Brake towed vehicle portable braking system

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Exclusive Roadmaster EvenBrake
A 'brake-thru' innovation in supplementary braking…

Now, there's a supplementary braking system as technically advanced as your coach and your car - Even Brake, by ROADMASTER.

Even Brake is even better.

Continuous self-diagnostic testing,
Automatic low battery and brake protection,
And constant braking information and system status,
Reported to you via a three-tiered motorhome monitor,
Terrain-sensing logic and smoother, more responsive braking.

What's even more remarkable is that these innovations are incorporated into the world's only portable system with proportional braking.
roadmaster, break away towed car braking system,

  • Proportional braking - Proportional braking is even braking - your towed car's brakes respond to your motorhome’s brakes, at the same time and at the same intensity.
  • Works in virtually any towed vehicle with power brakes
  • Constant self-diagnostic testing - Even Brake monitors its own performance constantly, and any change in system status is transmitted to the motorhome monitor. Even Brake is the only supplemental braking system that checks itself, so you don't have to - a glance at the monitor assures you that Even Brake is fully operational.
  • 'Power Save' low battery protection - Even Brake warns you of a low battery in the towed vehicle with LED and LCD alerts at the motorhome monitor, giving you time to recharge the battery. If the battery's voltage drops too low, Even Brake cuts power to the system, while retaining emergency braking power.
  • Automatically delivers maximum braking pressure in an emergency or a break away situation - Even Brake works the most when you need it the most.
  • Emergency break away system included - brings your vehicle to a controlled stop should it ever separate from your motorhome.


Installation Instructions

Note: not for use in vehicles with 'active' braking systems where power brake assist is alway engaged - use a BrakeMaster system
Roadmaster Towed Vehicle Brake Systems

  • ...includes an emergency break away system, to stop your towed vehicle should it ever separate from the motorhome.
  • in virtually any vehicle with power brakes.
  • ...can be fitted with second vehicle kits, should you change towed vehicles.
  • ...will bring your towed vehicle into compliance with U.S. and Canadian requirements.

      Even Brake is recommended if you change motorhomes often, or want to switch between towed vehicles. Even Brake is a sophisticated system with proportional braking (automatically increasing or decreasing braking pressure in direct proportion to the motorhome. EvenBrake is a portable systems, with no installed components in the motorhome except for a dashboard monitor. Initial installation time is approximately one hour, depending on the vehicle.

      roadmaster, break away towed car braking system,

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

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Installation Instructions

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