Roadmaster Brakemaster Pressure Reducer

Roadmaster Brakemaster Pressure Reducer

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The following vehicles have been identified by ROADMASTER as having ‘active’  (or, ‘continuous power assist’) braking systems:

  • Ford C-Max 
  • Ford Escape hybrid (through '08)
  • Hummer H3 
  • Mazda Tribute hybrid 
  • Mercury Mariner hybrid
  • Lexus GX 470   
  • Toyota Tacoma

brake pressure reducer

   Vehicles with active braking systems are designed so that even when the engine is off, the braking system is still active, thus requiring minimal pressure to engage the brakes.
   These vehicles can be equipped with the BrakeMaster supplemental braking system, with the Brake Pressure Reducer (part number 900002). If the Brake Pressure Reducer is not installed, the towed vehicle will brake with excessive force, which will damage the tires. The brake system may also be damaged; other consequential, non-warranty damage may also occur.
  Other vehicles may also have these systems; this bulletin will be updated to include them as they are identified. However, ROADMASTER cannot guarantee to immediately identify all vehicles with active braking systems. Accordingly, it is the owner’s responsibility to determine if the vehicle being equipped with a BrakeMaster has an active braking system — refer to the owner’s manual, the vehicle manufacturer or the dealership.

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

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