Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain 10,000 lb tow bar, fits Blue Ox base plates

Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain 10,000 lb tow bar, fits Blue Ox base plates

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BlackHawk 2 (10,000 lb. Capacity) Tow Bar (Fits Blue Ox Base Brackets)

With an All Terrain Freedom Latch™, you'll never struggle to connect or disconnect your tow bar — the Freedom Latch releases the tow bar at any angle, level or bind — first time, every time.We chose to provide the Roadmaster tow bar's BlackHawk 2 All Terrain motor home mounted tow bar mainly for the extra 4,000 lbs. carrying capacity. It includes all of the features that make it a ROADMASTER tow bar; The use of stainless steel in virtually every moving component allows for smooth trouble free operation, superior strength and prevents corrosion. ROADMASTER's Autowlok locking mechanism allows both tow bar arms to extend or retract for a quick connection. As you drive away both telescoping tow bar arms self center and automatically lock. One person "Quick connect and disconnect" one person can easily connect or disconnect the Falcon 2 tow bar in 2 seconds. It locks securely in its stored position when not in use. Finally, Roadmaster style the high tech powder coat finish provides maximum durability and looks great on any vehicle.

roadmaster blackhawk 2 all terrain tow bar

Manufacturer: Roadmaster

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