Rhino!Step - Black

Rhino!Step - Black

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Make your next camping trip or visit to the grocery store even easier!

Loading gear on and off of roof racks is made simple. Easily reach into the bed of a truck or back of an SUV. Manufactured of extra thick tubular construction (3" x .065") for increased durability and strength.

-- Black powder coat finish for durability.
-- Measures 12" long.
-- Fits all 2" receivers.
-- Installs in seconds with no drilling required.
-- Loading gear on and off roof racks is made simple
-- Hitch pin is included.
-- Step up with confidence on the Rhino!Step™ slip resistant surface.
-- Five year waranty.
-- No drilling required.

Manufacturer: Go Rhino

1 review

Donald Molchan 05/29/2007

This is a nice piece. This is my second one, I purchased the larger one about a year ago. Make sure your exhaust is not close to the end caps or near the end part. The heat from the exhaust melted the end cap. I couldn't figure out how I lost one, until I took a long road trip and noticed the replaced cap was a dripping goo and stuck to the metal bar. My exhaust points down at an angle and not right at the rhino-step.

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