Remco Lube Pump LP-BK01-007

Remco Lube Pump LP-BK01-007

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Remco's  Lube Pump prevents transmission damage while towing front wheel drive automatic transmission, and some rear wheel drive vehicles. The Lube Pump kit also includes all components and wiring to control turn signals and brake lights on your towed vehicle.

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The Kit Includes Everything

  • 1/8 HP self-priming diaphragm pump insures high volume lubrication.
  • Full volume selector valve directs oil for driving or towing.
  • Electronic monitor on motorhome dashboard safeguards the transmission.
  • Easily transferred to any other approved vehicle.
  • One coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor, and towed vehicle tail lights.
  • All wiring and fluid connections for car and motorhome included.
  • Easy installation by garage or weekend mechanic.
  • Complete step-by-step installation instructions provided.
  • REMCO tail light diverter packet that automatically switches the car's tail light system to towing each time you hook up.

  • Typical mechanic install time is approximately 6 hours.

    The Remco Lube Pump  has been tested and approved for the following transmissions and vehicle models.

    Manufacturer: Remco

    1 review

    Mark Richard 06/19/2016

    Flat towing a 2004 Buick LeSabre with 4T65E Transmission behind my motorhome. This system works great. Start up the MH and the pump begins to "whir" under the car hood automatically. If you forget to hook up the umbilical cord between the MH and the car, the controller alarm lights up and beeps on the dash of the MH. The ⅜"hose fitting that is installed on the side of the car transmission oil pan installs surprisingly easy, and seals without a drip. Change the transmission filter while you're at it. has the best online price too.

    This product fits the following vehicles:

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