Honda CR-V Trailer Hitch, 97-01 - Class III

Honda CR-V Trailer Hitch, 97-01 - Class III

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Honda CR-V Trailer Hitch,  97-01 - Class III
Honda CR-V Trailer Hitch, 97-01 - Class III
T connector Wiring Harness
T connector Wiring Harness
Fits Following Vehicles:
1997-2006 Honda CR-V: All;3 wire system, converter included
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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing
Part Number: 13314
Rating: Class III
Receiver Size: 2"

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity:
Gross Trailer Weight: 3500 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 350 lbs.

This trailer hitch is designed to fit the following vehicles:

1997-2001 Honda CR-V
Installation Time: 40 Minutes
Installation Notes:
--Fits Models: All
--No drilling required

This is the popular 2" hitch for the Honda CRV. See the installation instructions below for details on how the hitch mounts to your vehicle. This is a bolt-up hitch that mounts to existing weldnuts on your frame.

Installation Instructions
trailer hitch installation instructions

Curt Trailer Hitches Feature:
Curt trailer hitch features
  • WeatherTite construction prevents rusting from inside out by sealing the main body of the hitch.
  • Durable EverGloss Powder Coat Finish resists rust and corrosion.
  • Open back end on receiver for easy cleaning.
  • Precision robot welding for superior strength and fit.
  • Attractive, seamless, one-piece collar reduces rust and provides improved strength.
*All trailer hitches come with grade 5 mounting hardware included.

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Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing

8 reviews

Tan Do 03/22/2011

Quick delivery, got it within 2 days. Installation was fairly easy. Was not able to install without making a minor modification. I had to file down and enlarge the holes where the bracket and bolts were being inserted into since they would not fit. Installation instructions had mention that the hole might need widen.
Only other thing to mention is to bring the muffler up first before bolting the hitch. I bolted the hitch and then realized that the muffler could not be reattached since the hitch got into the way.
Love the hitch and definitely worth the price and do it yourself. I checked out The price was $179 for the hitch without installation.

William Wilson 02/21/2010

This trailer hitch was easy to install and it looks good. Only problem was I broke the fish wire and had to wait for a new one. I was surprised how fast the hitch and the replacement fish wire came.

E Michael DeRue 08/27/2009

Good fit on my CR-V. UPS dropped the box so 1 side got bent but that was easily fixed. Got it in 3 days. This hitch is the sturdiest thing on the car, nice welds and solid design and construction.

Mike Petonak Jr 07/18/2009

I have a 1998 Honda CRV and this product went on with ease. It took about an hour and half with the help of a friend. Once we figured out how to use the tool they gave us to get the bolt over the frame to mount the hitch it was a breeze. I would loosen the tool so it is easy to get the bolt out of it when it is time to get it away from the tool. Otherwise it was tough to get loose.. I am very happy with this product...

Robert Young 10/16/2008

Took about 2 hours instead of the 40 min. The attachment point to the tie down loop was not at correct angle and had to be bent out to fit. Also would help to remind people to use the longer bolts in the rear holes. Otherwise a smooth installation and anyone can do.

samuel quattry 10/14/2008

Product looked great and it is installed and that's the good part. It came in and both sides of the box had slight damage but nothing too bad so I accepted it. Problem was it was bent. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get it on and had to use a jack to spread it apart the 1 inch it was off. I had to get one of my boys to come over and help. I am a hands on guy as I have built boats all my life and have put hitches on myself many times. I would suggest maybe a small piece of wood to keep the brackets from bending in during shipment. I would rather pay a extra buck than go through the headaches of bending it back out. If it wasn't bent I could have installed it in 30 minutes tops. Thanks for the quick service. I will buy here again and recommend you... Read More

Cody Pegg 03/18/2008

This trailer hitch was easy to install and it looks good. Hitch Source shipped it super fast too.

Rafael Fiol 08/31/2007

Installation was not quite as smooth as expected due to shipping damage but still reasonable. Even with a somewhat bent hitch from shipping, I was able to install this unassisted in about two and a half hours. Here are a few additional tips for easier mounting:
Get some bailing wire and make some individual fishwires with long tails for each bolt You will leave these wires on the bolts while aligning the hitch to the frame. After fishing the bolts through the frame hole, run the extra-long tails of the fishwires through the hitch mounting holes. This way, if your hitch arrives somewhat bent from shipping, you won’t have any problems with pushing the bolts back up into the frame because of misalignment. If they get pushed in, you can... Read More

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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