Happijac 59.25" Stabilizing Bar

Happijac 59.25" Stabilizing Bar

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Happijac 59.25" Stabilizing Bar (Use with FM/FT-UT9 & CG9)

Unlike other tiedowns which multiply the forces on your truck and frame, only Happijac´s Frame Mount Tiedown system, based on sound engineering principles, utilizes a stabilizing bar to help minimize and distribute the camper load.


Happijack old part number USB-010

Manufacturer: Happijac

1 review

Mike Hughes 05/17/2013

This product was just what I needed. The service from HitchSource.com was absolutely exceptional. I messed up on the order and didn't order the stabilizing bar but H.S. took it upon themselves to make the order whole at no extra cost to me. I wish more companies acted in this manner. I will highly recommend this company! ! !

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