T connector Wiring Harness

T connector Wiring Harness

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Circuit Protected Converter Module w/*NEW* Surface Mount Technology

This tail light converter adapts import and domestic vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (3-wire system) to standard trailer tail light wiring (2-wire system). The unit is powered by your vehicle's stop/turn light circuit.

-- Input: Splice
-- Output: Splice
-- Unfused
-- Max Load Capacity: 5 Amps

-- This unit is driven by current from your vehicle's stop/turn light circuit. Check with your vehicle's manufacturer to determine whether your vehicle's circuitry can support the current requirements of your trailer.
-- For power isolation or for applicaitons with high current loads, consider one of our powered converter modules. The powered modules obtain current directly from your vehicle's battery, eliminating the draw on your vehicle's stop/turn circuit. Vehicles with lamp-out sensors typically require a powered converter
-- For questions regarding your specific application, use the hitch finder and look at the electrical system notes for your vehicle.

Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing

1 review

David Ellis 09/17/2011

The wiring harness was not a "T" connector wiring harness as listed. I had to hard wire the unit to my vehicle wiring. In the past I have bought a "T" connector unit which you unplugged the wiring block in the tail light wiring harness and put the connector in between and replugged the harness. I am still satisfied with my purchase. The only problem was that my Toyota wiring was so small to use the clamp connectors provided. That is a Toyota problem not yours!!!! Thanks again for a fine working unit. I'm sure it will get a lot of use!!!

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