Centramatic Wheel Balancers 24.5in, 10-bolt OTR Truck Drive wheel

Centramatic Wheel Balancers 24.5in, 10-bolt OTR Truck Drive wheel

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Centramatic Wheel Balancers. 24.5 inch OTR Truck wheel balancers. These are for 10-bolt pattern, 11.25in wheels for the Rear or "Drive Axle". Set of 2.

Centramatic "ON-BOARD" Balancers mount to the vehicle, (between the wheel and hub on the front and between the wheels on the dual rear). The balancer dynamically balances your tire/wheel by using centrifugal force and deflection from rotation to automatically distribute free moving weights (durametal and synthetic dampening fluid) sealed inside the outer rim of the balancer. The wheel, tire, hub, drum/rotor assembly is continuously balanced under all driving conditions, even with rocks in the tread or mud, snow and ice stuck to the wheels.

Your tires will run smoother, quieter, and cooler, with much longer tread life.

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Manufacturer: Centramatic

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Paul Logan 01/19/2017

I use the Centramatic balancers on the steer axle, and drives on my Peterbilt, can't say enough about the improvement in the ride!
Less fatigue, wear, and as an owner-operator, vibrations and rattles can drive me crazy.
Well worth the money!

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