Carryout Auto RealTree Portable Satellite Antenna

Carryout Auto RealTree Portable Satellite Antenna

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Carryout Auto RealTree Portable Satellite Antenna


  • See television, not the antenna - satellite system designed specifically for the avid hunter or outdoor enthusiast.
  •  RealTree AP Camouflage Dome Neutral, open, contrasty and realistic featuring an improved High Definition printing process
  •  100% Automatic! Plug it in and let it do the rest!
  • No remote or controls needed to elevate/rotate the dish.
  • Powerful in Performance Fast and reliable satellite acquisition.
  • High gloss dome for less rain fade interference.
  • Dish Network: Standard & HD toggles between 119 and 129
  • DIRECTV: Standard definition toggles between 101 and 119 Bell: Standard & HD toggles between 82 and 91 
  • Dimensions: 15.6 inches dome height x 20 inches diameter

Manufacturer: Winegard

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